The Cabins at FireSong

Please let us know which cabin you are interested in. As each property has been designed and built to appeal to how you travel and the wish list you have asked for. The Legacy Cabin

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An international destination showcasing the land of the living skies.


FireSong is sheer luxury purposely combined with the sound of water, touch of wood and strength of rock to provide a sanctuary for the experience of comfort of your family vacation, workshops or a romantic getaway. This hidden gem provides unique accommodations alongside resort amenities under that land of the living skies.


Lead with Integrity

·         Encourage others to do what is honourable

·         Honesty is the foundation for trust

·         Be fair in all conduct

Surpass the Standards of Excellence

·         Build a legacy to last generations

·         Inspire growth and creativity

·         Act with intent and purpose

Create Meaningful Relationships

·         Work as a team with loyalty at the forefront  

·         Embrace time spent together; explore shared memories and discover new ones

·         Come as a visitor, stay as family

Be Fearless

·         Hopes and dreams must be chased

·         Feed the hunger for knowledge

·         Proudly stand up for what is right

Environmental & Community Stewardship

·         Actively listen

·         Carefully consider the wellbeing of all natural and external elements

·         Encourage and facilitate the growth of the Fowler Lake community and surrounding areas